Thursday, June 09, 2005


its fucking
3 am
and im sweating
burning up
i should turn on the
but i can have
$84.65 bill
i drink to much
Delirum Tremens
La Fin du Monde
they are expensive
and i wont even
get into
my Anime

here in this bed
always the same

the problem is
i dont think
its the

Malboro Blend No.27's

What’s the point?
It’s just another
Instant message
From across the globe
It just hurts me
Each time.

There I said it.
You’re a
A name
Tattooed on my
But this is
With-out blood.

At times you made this
Feel alive

Today I thought
About your hands
Small, soft,
Yet unrefined.
Nails like a little girl
And how they
Touched me
Caressed me
Held me
Made me feel
Because of who I was.

But that changed
I became
Not good enough
For you
I didn’t have
Enough money
Wasn’t fit enough
I didn’t mind miami

Do you know
How many
Better girls
Desired your
Place on my heart
I can name three

But it’s ok
Still me
An evil bastard
Confused as ever
I sill only cause
Pain to them
I always was the best.
For them.

And your not
Neither am I
And neither are they
We’re all just
Looking to be loved
On our terms

This is still
Plastic death land
We’re all fake
Waxed, tanned, toned, implanted
And no one cares
It all tastes the same
Welcome to the land of Pinocchio
“There are no strings on me”
Just golden strands on my heart
At least I didn’t go buy cigarettes.

**Angles: if you remember have no soul hence no humanity and our existiance on this plane to them would be temporary so if they kill us they are doing us a favor. removing us from pain. in other words its BS. Angles can be evil and pain can cause creation and beauty.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Alone at night? (beta)

I see it every night
The clock on the VCR
Glowing orange
Thinking again
Feeling odd
Cant sleep
I remember
Che’s eyes
How many times have I seen them?
Looking at me
Like a mirror
I see it
Passion for change,

I can feel it again
It’s been so long
The ether is flowing again
My mind races
Thinking of the moon
Its craters
It’s light
It’s power
It’s magic
The ether flowing
Through me again

Why does my hearty race tonight
Can’t I be at peace?
Why can’t I take that Journey
Why can’t I ride that SV-650
To New Orleans
New York
Away from everything that’s bothering me
Just ride
To Argentina
Go back to Palermo
Where I feel at home
Feel the cold rain hit my face
On the open road
Feel someone’s arms around me
Have my aunt kiss me hello
Have family again
This ether flows again
And I can’t follow
Why can’t I have my life
Returned to me
Why can’t I be loved
Why must I feel this ether
I am in tuned with the earth
And not go anywhere

Cause I’m stopping myself?
Cause I don’t want to go?

Here is where I need to change the world
Here is where the ether flows to me
Yet here is where I find no rest
I the wicked
All I’ve done is hurt
I’ve hurt my loved ones
My friends
I’ve even you,
With my words, insecurities, passions
Not love

But I’ve never hurt you Che
Even though
You’re dead
Like me
You’re alive and free
Cause you
You took that journey
Followed the ether
To history
Where your eyes burn into history
And here I stay
For the next day
Maybe ill run
Never come back
Maybe ill change the world
Be my guide.
Be my Virgil through this hell.
(june 2k4)

Friday, May 27, 2005


When did it happen
The poetry thing for me
When I wrote
I was so young
So sad,
So alone
So empty
I was
back then in the 90’s

Back then
I wrote how I felt
I still do
But now I’m older
alone again

But now I have the history
The good times
Bad times
Love and loss
And now I have the
That I was missing those
Years ago…
Fuck you

I am human
I feel art
I will write
I will one day
Be able to write the one
I truly wish
To write
A kiss.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

by pablo neruda from the unburied woman of paita


who Lived? who was living? who was loving?

Damn spanish spider webs!

During the night, the blaze of equatorial eyes,
your heart burning in the vast emptiness,
and so your mouth was mistaken for the dawn.

Manuela, radiant coal and water, column
of sustenance, not a restless ceiling, but rather a wild star.

today, we still inhale that wounded love,
the dagger of sun in the distance.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

"the love poem of catullus" by charles bukowski

she read his poems
she read them to the men waiting in her bed
then tore them up
and fell on the bed
opening her legs to the nearest convienient

but Catullus continued to write love
poems to her
as she fucked slaves in back
alles, and
when they were together
she robbed him while he was
mocked his verse and his
pissed on his

Catullus who
wrote brilliant
faltered under the spell of
this wench
it is said
as she grew old
fled from him
begat a new life upon a far isle
where she ended up a

Catullus was like
most poets:
i understand
and i forgive as i
re-read him:
he knew
as death approached
that it's
better to start out with a
strumpet then to end up
with one.

Friday, May 06, 2005

cell phone haikus

Trapped inside my head
thoughts, visions, such things of beauty.
All i see is waste

Morning has come, and
the sky is perfect, natures,
Alive. i damn work

Knight on the quite sands
stars in glisten in a clear sky
no princess is near

God cubic-kills suck!
better outside or making
love. well drinks tonight.

Monday, April 25, 2005

Monday, April 11, 2005

Nothing 2k5 (v2.0)

i am nothing.
i the empty shell
the plastic doll
brought to life

look at me
in my stature
in my movement
almost human
yet my existence
is purely
magic and
a toy
dress me up

to hurt me
is meaningless
the soul
was never given to me
the flesh and blood
are synthetic
part of the illusion

yet my
perceived feelings
have hurt
and they
don’t give me feelings
i don’t have

give me life
give me affection
give me warmth
give me hope
give me
all that i don’t have
give me your kindness
and wait for the magic
like an orchid
wait for the bloom

the best is yet to come
don’t worry about
dream of the flowers
dream in Technicolor

Sunday, April 10, 2005

haiku april 10

off to bed i go
i'll dream of flowers and love
i'll wake up in hell

Friday, April 08, 2005

haiku april 8

The weight on my mind,
Compressing my heart and soul.
I long to be free.

Monday, April 04, 2005

"to live is to change"

They tell me to
Take a
What do they know
The problems will still be here
At work
In Miami
At School
In my head
The worst is my
Fucking head
It never quits

Your not good enough
Loose weight
Get a better job
Your nose is too big
Lets just be friends
Your meaningless
A machine
A tool
Sex toy
Last years model
No warranty repair
Just go and Die

Waking up is fun
I’ve still got me

So I wont
I cant the world
The world needs
To change
Adjust to me
Because I’m an asshole
And I wont quit
Because I still wake up
And I don’t want to
So I’ll bring you all
With me

Friday, April 01, 2005

Feeling Shinji

I fought an angle yesterday.
Its one I’ve fought
A new fight
I was told I’m the bad one
I’m the evil one
The manipulator
It wasn’t even the angel
that said those words
It was the human
The waste of skin
But what was the angels roll
She’s gone now
And it was still an empty
What were we fighting for
I wish I had Eva’s armor
Or an AT field
My soul is weak
Would I be able to sync
if I had the chance
But the battle still burns in me
I as I stare at this familiar ceiling
Replaying it in my
I feel just like
I am a waste
A disgrace
A murderer
At what I’ve done
I let them do it
And came back for
I wont die
I cant
But I’m glad the battles
Are over for now
But the war in
My soul
Still burns
As I look to
Heaven through
This ceiling

Thursday, March 31, 2005

the begining

I am a destroyer
I have taken this
Perfect white paper and
ruined it
My pen
To perfection
Has created
To be burned
Like my body
This will be burned
When it is all said and
All of this is
Meaning less

There is poetry
There is the full moon
The kiss of your lover on your back
The pain in “Ugolino and his sons”
The beauty of art
Torment and creation
A glass of wine
All of this and more
Is worth the
I feel everyday
And it gives me the right
To create
To use these pages
To give the world
More beauty
More pain
More art

Because when its all over
This will be burned to
Ash, y
My words
Will live on
In the hearts and
Of those
I touch