Thursday, June 09, 2005

Malboro Blend No.27's

What’s the point?
It’s just another
Instant message
From across the globe
It just hurts me
Each time.

There I said it.
You’re a
A name
Tattooed on my
But this is
With-out blood.

At times you made this
Feel alive

Today I thought
About your hands
Small, soft,
Yet unrefined.
Nails like a little girl
And how they
Touched me
Caressed me
Held me
Made me feel
Because of who I was.

But that changed
I became
Not good enough
For you
I didn’t have
Enough money
Wasn’t fit enough
I didn’t mind miami

Do you know
How many
Better girls
Desired your
Place on my heart
I can name three

But it’s ok
Still me
An evil bastard
Confused as ever
I sill only cause
Pain to them
I always was the best.
For them.

And your not
Neither am I
And neither are they
We’re all just
Looking to be loved
On our terms

This is still
Plastic death land
We’re all fake
Waxed, tanned, toned, implanted
And no one cares
It all tastes the same
Welcome to the land of Pinocchio
“There are no strings on me”
Just golden strands on my heart
At least I didn’t go buy cigarettes.

**Angles: if you remember have no soul hence no humanity and our existiance on this plane to them would be temporary so if they kill us they are doing us a favor. removing us from pain. in other words its BS. Angles can be evil and pain can cause creation and beauty.

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