Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Alone at night? (beta)

I see it every night
The clock on the VCR
Glowing orange
Thinking again
Feeling odd
Cant sleep
I remember
Che’s eyes
How many times have I seen them?
Looking at me
Like a mirror
I see it
Passion for change,

I can feel it again
It’s been so long
The ether is flowing again
My mind races
Thinking of the moon
Its craters
It’s light
It’s power
It’s magic
The ether flowing
Through me again

Why does my hearty race tonight
Can’t I be at peace?
Why can’t I take that Journey
Why can’t I ride that SV-650
To New Orleans
New York
Away from everything that’s bothering me
Just ride
To Argentina
Go back to Palermo
Where I feel at home
Feel the cold rain hit my face
On the open road
Feel someone’s arms around me
Have my aunt kiss me hello
Have family again
This ether flows again
And I can’t follow
Why can’t I have my life
Returned to me
Why can’t I be loved
Why must I feel this ether
I am in tuned with the earth
And not go anywhere

Cause I’m stopping myself?
Cause I don’t want to go?

Here is where I need to change the world
Here is where the ether flows to me
Yet here is where I find no rest
I the wicked
All I’ve done is hurt
I’ve hurt my loved ones
My friends
I’ve even you,
With my words, insecurities, passions
Not love

But I’ve never hurt you Che
Even though
You’re dead
Like me
You’re alive and free
Cause you
You took that journey
Followed the ether
To history
Where your eyes burn into history
And here I stay
For the next day
Maybe ill run
Never come back
Maybe ill change the world
Be my guide.
Be my Virgil through this hell.
(june 2k4)

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