Friday, April 01, 2005

Feeling Shinji

I fought an angle yesterday.
Its one I’ve fought
A new fight
I was told I’m the bad one
I’m the evil one
The manipulator
It wasn’t even the angel
that said those words
It was the human
The waste of skin
But what was the angels roll
She’s gone now
And it was still an empty
What were we fighting for
I wish I had Eva’s armor
Or an AT field
My soul is weak
Would I be able to sync
if I had the chance
But the battle still burns in me
I as I stare at this familiar ceiling
Replaying it in my
I feel just like
I am a waste
A disgrace
A murderer
At what I’ve done
I let them do it
And came back for
I wont die
I cant
But I’m glad the battles
Are over for now
But the war in
My soul
Still burns
As I look to
Heaven through
This ceiling

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