Monday, April 25, 2005

Monday, April 11, 2005

Nothing 2k5 (v2.0)

i am nothing.
i the empty shell
the plastic doll
brought to life

look at me
in my stature
in my movement
almost human
yet my existence
is purely
magic and
a toy
dress me up

to hurt me
is meaningless
the soul
was never given to me
the flesh and blood
are synthetic
part of the illusion

yet my
perceived feelings
have hurt
and they
don’t give me feelings
i don’t have

give me life
give me affection
give me warmth
give me hope
give me
all that i don’t have
give me your kindness
and wait for the magic
like an orchid
wait for the bloom

the best is yet to come
don’t worry about
dream of the flowers
dream in Technicolor

Sunday, April 10, 2005

haiku april 10

off to bed i go
i'll dream of flowers and love
i'll wake up in hell

Friday, April 08, 2005

haiku april 8

The weight on my mind,
Compressing my heart and soul.
I long to be free.

Monday, April 04, 2005

"to live is to change"

They tell me to
Take a
What do they know
The problems will still be here
At work
In Miami
At School
In my head
The worst is my
Fucking head
It never quits

Your not good enough
Loose weight
Get a better job
Your nose is too big
Lets just be friends
Your meaningless
A machine
A tool
Sex toy
Last years model
No warranty repair
Just go and Die

Waking up is fun
I’ve still got me

So I wont
I cant the world
The world needs
To change
Adjust to me
Because I’m an asshole
And I wont quit
Because I still wake up
And I don’t want to
So I’ll bring you all
With me

Friday, April 01, 2005

Feeling Shinji

I fought an angle yesterday.
Its one I’ve fought
A new fight
I was told I’m the bad one
I’m the evil one
The manipulator
It wasn’t even the angel
that said those words
It was the human
The waste of skin
But what was the angels roll
She’s gone now
And it was still an empty
What were we fighting for
I wish I had Eva’s armor
Or an AT field
My soul is weak
Would I be able to sync
if I had the chance
But the battle still burns in me
I as I stare at this familiar ceiling
Replaying it in my
I feel just like
I am a waste
A disgrace
A murderer
At what I’ve done
I let them do it
And came back for
I wont die
I cant
But I’m glad the battles
Are over for now
But the war in
My soul
Still burns
As I look to
Heaven through
This ceiling